[ User Guide ]

Dear valued users, thank you for choosing My Pillow for a brand new sleeping experience. To ensure the best experience, please kindly follow the guide below to handle the pillow.

  1. The directions of the pillow are differentiated in front, rear, left, and right. Users are kindly reminded to ensure the left and right tags which are sealed onto the two sides of the pillow.
  2. The pillow required 3-7 days normally for users to get familiar with, it is normal if users have any discomfort in the first few days.
  3. For the first use, please kindly rearrange the pillow filling materials by gently tapping the surface of the pillow, ensuring the materials are evenly distributed.
  4. The materials used in the pillow are well-ventilated and able to absorb humidity and odour, please wash the pillow accordingly to users’ own preferences.
  5. When washing the pillow, please fold the pillow along the bottom surface and put it in a mesh laundry bag. The following steps and guidelines should be followed:
    • Do not wash the pillow with other clothes or objects.
    • Do not take away the filling materials of the pillow.
    • Ensure all the zippers are zipped properly.
    • Do not add bleach while washing.
    • Use the slowest spin cycle when washing the pillow.
    • Use the slowest spin cycle to rinse the pillow (Below 300 RPM).
    • Simply dry the pillow by placing it upright after rinsing progress by the washing machine.
    • Do not use clothes iron on the pillow.
    • Do not put the pillow into drying machines.
  6. The body shape of the users and the mattress might be different over a period of time, this might cause the misfit between the pillow and users. Please bring back the pillow to our shop to readjust the filling materials within 3 years.
  7. Please do not try to adjust the filling materials by yourself since they are filled by calculation and users’ unique body shapes. Giving it to other users is also not recommended since it might bring unpleasant experiences to the new users.
  8. The product contains tiny materials, please be aware. If swallowed, please seek for doctor’s assistance as soon as possible.
  9. The product does not consider as a health care product. My Pillow helps user to acquire a better sleeping quality due to a better posture.